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CIF Lineup 2022. - Yakka

As a young force, local DJ Yakka comes to complete our madness at Crazy Island Festival.

Given that we have already briefly introduced him at the Crazy Island Festival line up, we have prepared a few questions for him.


1. Yakka, some time has passed since your first Ambassador award in 2018, where you won the title of best DJ of the year. How did your life change after that? Was it the award for the best house dj or ?

Yes, but a small correction. In 2018 the award was Croatian DJ of the year, and in 2019 the best Croatian house DJ. I prefer the term “DJ of the year” because it is easier to be objective and more measurable than “the best”, which is quite a relative term. The awards certainly did not take away anything but contributed to the career. Consistency with performances is important to me and that I am always at the top of the list of the most wanted domestic DJs.


2. I remember that you had some killer remixes for a quality part of the local scene, and then you decided to make your own album, which was a balm for the ears. Are there any indications of a new album?

That’s right, in the beginning I was throwing things out of the hobby and there was a bunch of everything, better and worse. At some point, out of curiosity, I remixed a couple of local artists and it was well received. Some of these remixes have hundreds of thousands of listens. The album was a logical sequence of events, at that time I was solidly satisfied with the result, but over time it is natural that we learn and strive for better, so a new album is on the horizon, which for me personally is better than the first, and it will be up to the audience to judge. The album will be called “Soulshine”. I want to release the first single out in the summer, while I choose and decide the right mixes & masters.


3. Is it much easier now that you have a studio in your own home?

I’ve always worked from home, but it’s definitely easier when you have a separate space for it that isn’t decorated and equipped according to your own taste. That’s where I close myself off and work unhindered when I have the will and inspiration.

4. Which study detail would you single out that you could not live without?

For me, the big jump in sound quality was getting a more professional sound card (RME Fireface 802) and monitor (Focal Shape 65). I would single out that as more important items in the studio and the jump from some amateur equipment to something more specific. It meets my needs for now.


5. Since we will soon see each other at the Crazy Island Festival, please tell us who has left the biggest musical impression on you recently and in which direction will your playlist move?

I’m a DJ who loves style and can go wide in the domain of house subgenres through the sets, sometimes even a few techno tracks break. It is important that the audience has fun. Everything depends on the moment and the audience in front of me. At that moment, I evaluate how much I will experiment, or go “safe”, aggressive, softer, etc. Other DJs leave an impression and inspiration on me in general with their attitude, energy, way of mixing, a bunch of little things… all this more than just the music they play. My role models are old school house dj’s, but sometimes I learn something and I’m really impressed by relatively anonymous DJs who, for example, play a warmup set for me. I’m looking forward to the Crazy Island Festival, and I’ll decide on the spot which direction the set will go.

Yakka, thank you very much for your time and for the interview. See you soon in the center of madness.


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