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Simon M

CIF 2022 - Lineup - Simon M

The Crazy Island Festival was first planned for 2020. The year of the greatest challenges. Since challenges are something we like, we are happy to introduce you to the artists with whom we have something in common. Simon M, welcome to the Crazy Island Festival.

Wicked parties

1. So, Simon M, you have been known for years as a synonym for wicked parties in Varaždin downtown. In recent years, you present yourself as a dj at music festivals. What is the difference on the dance floor?

Well, the difference is quite big. Given the large filtration of people in the clubs the whole evening has its own flow. From the beginning of the evening until the end. Thats why music is mixed in the way there is always some “moving”, to create a good atmosphere for the crowd. On the other hand, at festivals, in that hour and a half, you present yourself and give the audience the “peak of the evening”, because at festivals the audience is targeted to dance well and have fun.


2. Is your music different when you play in a smaller club and at a bigger festival?

Well, the music is different in the sense that in a smaller club it is more based on some “mashup”, where there are all kinds and genres. Thats why there is something for everyone, and yet that it is incorporated into one whole to sound good in the end. At the festivals, however, the atmosphere is more intense, and the music is such that the audience is dancing all the time.


3. We see you spreading a good vibe with your music outside county borders. What are the music tastes outside the county?

Well, the tastes are quite similar. A good atmosphere is important for everyone to have a good time. In my set, during the evening there is something for everyone.


With you on board a wicked party is guaranteed. Do you have a message for our crazy dancers?

Yes, I do. I invite all dancers and people who want to have a good time to come to the Crazy Island festival. To dance well and to have fun because behind the whole festival is a good story and great organization.


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