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Pintha InDaHouse

CIF Lineup 2022. - Pintha InDaHouse

DJ known as a representative of the urban music of Northwest Croatia for more than a decade. Pintha InDaHouse is coming to complete our madness at Crazy Island Festival.

Present on the house music scene for more than 15 years. Member of the prestigious Croatian house label Blacksoulmusic. Resident of the cult club night Tech Room & finalist of the Police DJ Battle in 2011.

He was the music editor of the grovie music shows “Dance Floor” and “Soho groove” which are broadcasted for years. Yeah, we must admit it. Radio Sjeverozapad had the best shows back then.

During his career, he shared his decks with renowned dj names. Those names include: Blacksoul, E-Base, Ivan Mastermix, Kay Zrill, Gramophonedzie, Paolo Barbato, Dave Manali, Peznt, Ferreck Dawn, The Shapeshifters, The Freemasons, Tim Taylor, Darren Shambhala, Jannet Slack, Miss Maverick, Happy B, Dj Om, Magic J and many more.

Pintha, tell us… Of all the collaborations with world-famous DJs, which one would you describe as the most significant?

Over the years I have literally played and met DJ stars from all over the World. But if I 

Can single out some of the most significant collaborations? Honestly, I can’t. At such events, the stars are in focus, not us other DJs, but still one of my favorite DJs and friends with whom I have both a business and private relationship is certainly Marko Miličević, better known as Gramophonedzije.

For me, the most important DJs with whom I still work today do not have a “world star” in their sign, but they have always supported and supported my development. E-Base, Kay Zrill, Balcksoul i.e. Peznt  were always there when needed.

We believe that the collaborations expanded when you moved from your hometown to Zagreb. How would you look back on the Varaždin scene now?

As for nightlife, Varaždin and Zagreb simply do not go together. Zagreb offers entertainment options in all genres of music while

Varaždin is deprived of clubs. The equation is simple, there are no clubs, there are no parties. Citizens of Varaždin are deprived of space where events could be held and the only thing left for them are open air events and more or less private events that are organized wherever there is a place. The DJs in Varaždin are excellent and it’s a good thing that they are not limited to playing only in Varaždin because they wouldn’t play!

If you could change or repeat any moment from your musical career, what would it be?

And this is a very difficult question. Tthere were so many wonderful moments and people that there is simply no scale by which to measure it. For example the sunrise in Dubrovnik with the song Everything but the girl – Tracey in my room, every ending of Arena Cool Beat. Monsoon rain in Terme Tuhelj and 5,000 people dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Early morning swimming on Rab after a crazy night in Santos. The ban on entering Slovenia with vinyls, haha. Simply, in the many years I’ve been playing, from every party I have wonderful memories. So there is nothing I would change or repeat because I could never know what good things could happen at the next gig.

Pintha thank you for your time. See you soon at the Crazy Island Festival. Do you have any final message?

Thank you, I have a message for the end.

 Time flies and never comes back. So don’t think. Live life to the fullest, have fun, dance no matter if the dj is a mega star or your local dj. Know that mega stars were also local DJs. Time passes but memories remain. See you soon to build a beautiful memory together!!!

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