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Crazy Island Festival Line Up

Crazy Island Festival Line up

Yes, you are right, the time has come for madness; the  time to finally show you

Crazy Island Festival line up

Crazy Island festival line up 2022 starts with local forces that have been successfully rocking the dance floors for more than a decade.

Tom Bug

A representative of the Burn Residency project. One of the founders of House Fusion project, and one of the head persons of the Good House project. A charismatic person with a distinctive groove. A person who had the opportunity to represent Croatia in the world’s biggest center of clubbing – Ibiza.


Synonym for perseverance and hard work. Dj and producer since 2009. Primarily known for his groovie production, and finally for local popularity that he gained by remixing great tracks of the Croatian music scene.

For the crown of his production, we can mention his album “After beach” with the series of 12 phenomenal tracks.The way he enjoys the music, can testify the Ambassador Award he received in 2018.

Pintha In DaHouse

A DJ known as the urban dance music brand of the Varaždin city for more than two decades. He started playing music in the early 90’s, playing music on the radio station Northwest, as well as in popular clubs in continental Croatia.

At the time he was focusing on mainstream and commercial sound but for the last decade, he has been focusing on club sound, a solid dance rhythm, and he has built a completely new, modern musical opus on it.

Johnny Costa, Voltair, Ferry Van Hren, Deel Capo and Simon M

In support of the names mentioned at the main event, the Crazy Island festival line up s packed with well-known local DJ forces. Johnny Costa, a young businessman who has won half of Europe with his performances. Voltair, a DJ with the youngest public performance since he was 15, thus begins his musical career with extraordinary zeal and love. Ferry Van Hren with the successful single “Welcome Jack” with which he entered the top 10 best-selling singles on leading music portals.

Simon M, a synonym for extraordinary parties in City od Varaždin, and DJ Deel Capo. A resident of High Vibes club nights, which he organizes in collaboration with the local telecom – Magic Net.

E Base, Jasmin Barbir

For the very end, for the craziest and most loyal visitors, we have prepared a special treat. After sunrise, until the afternoon, E-Base will take over the grooves. Renowned name of the Croatian music scene known as one of the most popular DJ names in Croatia. He has placed his roots in the 80’s and built the foundations of his music career. Today he is known as the author of many musical works and projects, as well as a man who lifts the atmosphere when the world’s most famous DJ stars happen to fail.

Side by side, Jasmin Barbir will integrate perfectly into the dance story after many collaboration events. Focused on the grooves of Nu disco and modern, harder progressive sounds, he is ready to get the last atom of strength out of you. Together with E-Base at the Crazy Island Festival After party. And trust me here, you will enjoy every second of it.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, the madness began. You can follow all the additional information on our news, as well as on our Facebook and Instagram channel.


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