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Johnny Costa

CIF Lineup 2022. - Johnny Costa

Johnny Costa is one of the guys we will be extremely pleased to present at this year’s Crazy Island Festival. To give you a better idea of ​​the caliber of the young man here, we have prepared a few questions.

1. Ivan, hello, welcome to madness. We booked you 2 years ago when the covid situation postponed the event. How did you spend that period? Do you have any music surprises ?


Thanks for the welcome, the pleasure is all mine!

Yes, I was booked 2 years ago but unfortunately the Covid situation screwed us up like many others. That is why this year we are going even stronger and crazier!

Well I spent the covid situation working, I had a few performances, nothing too much because of the measures that were and honestly I really miss the stage.

I decided that I will still leave the music surprises for the stage. To be a real surprise 

2. We are glad that you continued to nurture your music career in a special way. Please tell us what event in your life prompted you to start making music?

Wellll, I started playing music when the first Ultra Europe came to Split. My biggest role model and inspiration was Hardwell who also returned to the scene after a long time.

3. From all the events you performed at, we know that there were many outside country borders. Which event would you single out as the one that stuck in your memory the best?

I have performed at many events, from Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic… It is difficult to single out the best because each is special in its own way and I always do my best for the audience to enjoy.

But if one could separate, it would be a performance in Slovenia. Great party, top organization and definitely one of those parties you remember.

4. And finally, we see that we are driven into madness by a very distinctive person. Tell us please, what are you preparing for 30.07. ?

I am preparing a lot of things, both newer and older, to bring back that spirit of the former parties after this quarantine that caught us.

I will leave the details for the performance though!

See you and I can’t wait!

Johnny Costa


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