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Ferry Van Hreen

CIF Lineup 2022. - FVH

Another young man who will show his skilz at the Crazy Island Festival and also support his DJ colleagues is Filip Hren. Local dj with the dj nick  Ferry Van Hreen. We had the opportunity to listen to it in the earlier days in a harder edition and a great dance groove. Now we are interested in what he is preparing for the Crazy Island Festival.

Underground scene

1. Ferry Van Hreen, first of all welcome to the madness of the Crazy Island Festival. You have been on the scene for more than 12 years. Tell us, please, which year do you remember as the most impressive year of your career?

Greetings to the entire team participating in the project! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the invitation. Most of us have been friends for many years and this event is an opportunity to meet again and hang out in a great location with a great production. The years that I somehow remember the most are between 2012 and 2014. As far as I remember, 2012 was the best in terms of electronic music events, especially the stage on the Arena Varaždin, where all ten days of the festival took place. At that time, Špancirfest had a cool old vibe which, unfortunately, no longer exists. so everything from “wild” evolved into “lame and boring” and I don’t like that at all. 

Also in 2014, after a short lull, an event was organized at the Prostor club (Čakovec), which was a complete success, from the response, the atmosphere to the aftershock, which many friends still talk about today.

Welcome Jack

2. Your release Welcome Jack was an extraordinarily successful single, but after that you turn in a different direction, how come?

Already during the creation of Jack, I started experimenting with a harder, raw and more experimental sound, which I still perfect today. I realized that I prefer the “soundscape” of the Techno genre rather than the “feeling” of House. But I must say thatI steel enjoy spinning house tunes, but combining more techno tracks into one gives me more dj freedom to express my self. This is a great opportunity to relive my experience I gained over the years on the dance floor. And an opportunity to present my vibe and the energy that runs through my head over the years.

Time of changes 

3. You currently have 2 pseudonyms for two musical directions, can you tell us a little more about that?

I started out as Ferry Van Hreen and most people know me by that. The main focus of this project is House / Tech house music with groove that rides on the floor concentrated mostly on rhythm, and combining the basic elements of the track (bassline and percussion), rather than melody.

Attenuator is a project I work with harder, deeper, rawer and faster sound with occasional psychedelic elements. An extended play (EP) is currently being finished with which I’lll present the project and the direction I’m planning to go.


4. We look forward to hearing you play  again, how do you describe the grooves you prepare for us?

Thank you, the joy is mutual.  The music I play is oriented to deep / tech sound.

 Thank you for the invitation And the only thing I hope the time will serve us is because the audience will certainly not be missed. I get a bunch of messages and inquiries about the festival every day. See you and hear you on July 30 in Ludbreg. Peace.


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