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Entering the madness: Voltair

CIF Lineup 2020. - Voltair

August is nearing, as is the rest of our lineup! This time, another sensation from Croatia, Crazy Island Festival welcomes Voltair!

Born in north of Croatia, Voltair showed his musical prowess at a young age. We had a chance to listen to his piano playing, since he finished Varaždin School of Music. He has a saying, “Connecting people through the means of music”, so make sure you come prepared to get connected (not peer to peer). When he was only 15 years old, we could already hear him playing on Mrkli Mrak festival in Čakovec.

Voltair got a nickname Little Guetta after his performance. But he never stopped there. After his first festival, he played many club stages all over northern Croatia. We could also dance to his beats on Shelterfest and Forestland festivals, all before he was 18 years old. When he reached adulthood, he played X Music Festival and now, we have a chance to listen to his music on Crazy Island Festival.

His music is original, interlaced with his musical knowledge. Originality and indepence are the signs of his music, and he clains he will help all of us relax and have fun. Even though young, Voltair already performed with some great DJ’s, like Salkin, Sasha Mikac, Miloš Stankić and E-Base, but also with fellow Crazy Island dwellers, Timo G and Johnny Costa.

So help Crazy Island Festival welcome Voltair to our main stage in August. Let this experience be a stepping stone to him, and let’s make it an unforgettable night for all of us. Also, check out the rest of our 2020 lineup and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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