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Entering the madness: Vic Damazi

CIF Lineup 2020. - Vic Damazi

We are keeping strong here. Entering the madness, Crazy Island Festival presents Vic Damazi!

Bringing our boys back from the foreign lands with this one. Born in Croatia, now living in Stuttgart, Vic Damazi started firing the audience up in 2008. Playing in the local club “Anna” is where his career began. He would entertain hundreds during summers, quickly becoming a resident DJ. From that first step, almost 12 years ago, he has already reached immeasurable heights for some.

He played in some of the best clubs in the world, as classified by DJ Mag. Clubs like Noa and Kalypso on Zrće Beach in Croatia, as well as having residency in Rocks Club on Zrće Beach, made him very popular on the coast. He was a resident DJ in Rocks Club for three years, from 2016 until 2018, when he decided he needed new challenges. We, as well as most other people in the EDM world, know Vic Damazi as someone who is recognised by the industry greats. Tujamo, Matroda, Ralvero and Vato Gonzalez are few among many renowned faces on the EDM scene who support Vic Damazi. Not only that, he shared the stage with the likes of Solardo, Cera Alba, Klangkuenstler, Lovra and many others.

Vic Damazi is coming to us on Crazy Island Festival as a seasoned festival performer. He played on Spring Break Festival, Hideout Festival, Fresh Island Festival, Sonus Festival, BiH Color Festival, SICKYRAVEci Fest and many other festivals all over Europe. He also has international experience in clubs, having played in Sweden, Poland, Serbia and the UK.

Crazy Island Festival is very happy to have Vic Damazi join our crazy 2020 lineup. We know he will fire you up with his energetic performances when he steps on the stage.

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