Entering the madness: Simon M

CIF Lineup 2020. - Simon

Entering the madness on Crazy Island Festival, please welcome Simon M! A home-grown DJ is ready to go crazy on our main stage, come August!

Simon M started his musical path at a young age. We saw him playing guitar in many bands in the north of Croatia. Through that experience, he got confident enough and has accumulated enough musical knowledge so his solo career as a DJ could begin. In the last few years, we were able to listen to his beats on over 450 occasions and, to tell you the truth, they never get old.

Simon M has slowly transitioned into a well-known DJ and producer in the north of Croatia. We see him on a regular basis in clubs like My Way, Papas and Podroom. We have also seen him in popular clubs like Katran, Boogie, Swanky Monkey Garden, Ritam Grada and many more. Simon M is not a stranger to festival performances as well, having played at Forestland, Shelterfest and Špancirfest.

Now, Crazy Island Festival is happy to announce Simon M to our 2020 lineup. Join Simon M and us this August in Ludbreg and let’s all Succumb to Madness together.

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