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Entering the madness: Mrgn Maar

CIF Lineup 2020. - Mrgn Maar

Let’s bring it home strong. We are slowly entering the last month before the start of madness. Crazy Island Festival welcomes Mrgn Maar to our crazy lineup!

Mrgn Maar, a DJ from Zagreb, is on his way to madness to show his skills on a large stage. Playing under a new name since 2019, he already had a lot of time to impress. We have heard his funky beats in clubs all over Zagreb. Not only that, we can listen to him while driving to and from work, since his mixes are regularly played on Croatia’s most popular radio stations. Both Enter Radio and Otvoreni Radio play his songs on a regular basis, so you will be familiar with his tracks.

To continue the lines of praise, some of his mixes already reached a wide audience. Single King was among the top 15 most downloaded tracks on Hypeddit. We also have a big secret to share with you: Mrgn Maar personally told us he does not plan on stopping there. Rumours are he is already working on the next big hit. If luck (and the current situation) is on side, we might be able to hear some of his new stuff very soon.

So help Crazy Island Festival in welcoming Mrgn Maar to our crazy lineup! We know he will create a great show for you guys, just you wait! Speaking of lineups – check this one out! Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram in order to get the latest news!


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