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Entering the madness: Mon Sai

CIF Lineup 2020. - Mon Sai

We saved the cherry for the top. Crazy Island Festival warmly welcomes Mon Sai to our crazy 2020 lineup!

Monika Smiljanić, rocking it out under the alias Mon Sai, is coming to Crazy Island Festival to fire all of you up. We have seen her, since the start of her career in 2018, playing countless clubs in Croatia. We saw her start her own career last year. Before that, she was a part of a girlboss DJ group, which also rocked the clubs in the region.

We have even seen Mon Sai fire up big festivals in the region as well. Which ones, you ask? The Exit Festival in Serbia! Last year, Mon Sai fired up the Serbian crowd with her energetic performances on one of the largest festivals in the region. Now, we can’t wait for her to step onto our Crazy stage to fire all of you up. August is nearing, it is going to be up to you to get ready for her performance.

Personally, we like her catchy tunes of house music, which makes the perfect fit into our 2020 lineup. Speaking of lineups, how about you check out this one? Also, do not forget to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, so you would be the first to receive the news. Speaking of news, sign up to our newsletter, we will be sending some fun info your way soon.


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