Entering the madness: Maicco

CIF Lineup 2020. - Maicco

We got another homeboy entering the madness for you guys. Crazy Island Festival welcomes Maicco!

Now, guys. Before we say anything else, there is something you should now. You know. Regarding the situation at hand. We want to tell you that we are monitoring the outbreak. We really want to let you guys jump into the madness, but we have to regard the safety first and foremost. So, stay tuned, we will keep you posted…. You think they are gone yet? Good.

Now that we got the doctors and the lawmakers happy, we can jump right back to the matter at hand. Maicco is an up and coming Croatian DJ, who we have had the chance of seeing on many private parties. Did you guys know that THIS will be his first festival performance? So you better behave and welcome him as well as you would anyone else. Because we know Maicco can fire you up – we have seen it happen! It’s going to be up to you whether you’ll let him do it!

So help Crazy Island Festival in welcoming Maicco to our crazy 2020 lineup. We can’t wait for him to step on the stage and show us why a lot of people put so much trust into him. Check out the rest of our lineup as well! Also, go check out our Facebook and Instagram, we got fun stuff for you there day in and out.

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