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Entering the madness: Kraundler

CIF Lineup 2020. - Kraundler

There really is no point in lengthy introductions. Entering the madness, please welcome, Kraundler!

Kraundler is a well-known Croatian DJ, who came to the light of day in 2007. Since then, he amassed over 300 shows in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. His sound can only be described as melodic and energetic. That may be the reason why, in 2017, he scored a great second place at the Burn Residency competition.

Kraundler has been very active in promoting electronic music in Croatia. For that reason, he started the Underground Fusion party project in 2008. Even though very experienced in his work, he is constantly improving his act and is sharing his knowledge with DJ’s who are starting to produce themselves.

His music production has also seen some fame. Published by Reload Records, he scored Top 40 on Mixmag Adria. His Black Square Recordings release scored even better, being the Top 10 on Mixmag Adria in the same year. He then repeated that feat in September of 2019, when he also scored a Top 10 on the same platform, with his release Prophecy

We are very happy to have Kraundler entering the madness. We can’t wait for him to fire you up on stage. So get up, get ready, fire your engines and make your way to Crazy Island Festival. Kraundler will be waiting for you with the hottest new mixes.

Curious about the rest of the lineup? Feel free to check it out. We’ll be uploading it regularly, so make sure not to miss out!


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