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Crazy Island tickets available

CIF 2020. - Entrance - Tickets

Hello, you crazy people. Are you ready for madness? Because Crazy Island tickets are now available!

We have had lots of ups and downs in the past few months. What with COVID-19 and all. But madness always prevails and we do not intend to stop that. We already wrote a lot about what had lead us to this point, but there is one main thing in all of this. People make a festival.

Because of that, we brought in Eventim, Europe’s leading force behind event ticketing, to help us connect with you. And you know it would not be crazy enough for us if we did not explain in (too much) detail what’s going on. Basically, we have four different types of tickets ready for you: Festival Tickets, Daily Tickets, Camp Tickets and VIP Tickets.

Festival Tickets cover both days of festival, with access to the main stage and all of the performers lined up to fire you up (shameless lineup plug inserted here). Daily Tickets are reserved for those who are only interested in a part of the lineup (the exact timeline will be determined at a later notice). Camp Tickets are the same as Festival Tickets, but also give you a camping spot on the festival grounds. VIP Tickets, on the other hand, grant you a chance to dance away in our VIP Zone, with other perks flying your way soon.

But, as we have already established, this still is not crazy enough. Until June 25 2020, a limited number of early birds will get a chance to purchase Early Bird tickets at a cheaper price. We have put Festival, Camp and Daily tickets in the Crazy Island Early Bird tickets package – so hurry up and get the worm!

We are looking forward to seeing you in August!


Two types of tickets, one place. Choose Daily Tickets or Festival Ticket.


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