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Crazy Island Festival is postponed!

CIF2020 - Announcement

Hi. Hello. How are you feeling? Staying safe, we hope. Good. We have some news for you and neither of us is going to like it. Remember a long time ago when we said Crazy Island does not want to write an official announcement like this one? Well, we have to. Crazy Island Festival is postponed for 2021.

We tried really hard in the not losing hope department. But your (not a plural) safety comes first. The COVID-19 pandemic has halted all major events this year. There was a speck of hope in May that we will be able to bring you the madness. But we have to postpone the madness for next year. This festival was going to be a story in which people of all backgrounds come together. We wanted to create a place where you matter as a person, where you can laugh and dance. And we simply can not guarantee that right now. At least not safely.

Crazy Island crew promises you that we will come back stronger next year. We will expand the story we have already written and make it bigger, better, crazier. To all ticketholders, your tickets will stay valid for next year as well. Should you want to return them, you can do it at the place of purchase. Or send us an e-mail at [email protected] so we can help you directly.

Look, even though Crazy Island Festival is postponed for 2021, we are still here with you. Now it really is on all of us to stay safe and keep others safe. Let’s join hands together (virtually and on a distance) and beat this together! Get in touch with us on Facebook and Instagram, we want to stay connected with you during all of this.


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