Enter the madness

Today, we can finally and officially give you the very first statement. Crazy Island Festival will be held on 7th and 8th of August 2020! Join us on the craziest party in central Croatia, join us in celebrating the madness.

It has been a crazy ride so far in order to reach this point. But we are very happy to tell you that, from now on, we will be able to keep you posted regularly, in order to bring you all of the festival – related news you need.


As soon as early next week, we will be able to give you the first line-up related news. World – class DJ’s, with tons of experience on world-renowned festivals, are coming to Ludbreg, to stir up the crazy within you.
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Three types of tickets wait for you during Crazy Island Festival: Daily Ticket, Festival Ticked and VIP Ticket.
We will keep you posted about the pre-sale of the tickets, as well as any additional information regarding ticket purchases. But, just to tease you all a little bit – March. Follow our social media channels in order to be among the first ones to find out crucial ticketing information!

Festival organisation

We embarked on this road all the way back in August 2019. It was very secretive, with only a handful of people knowing all of the crucial information regarding the festival. Needless to say, we are all excited to finally be able to share all of this with you now.

From now on, this will become a symbiotic relationship. We care about the experience you will receive during your trip down the madness. From now on, we will share every single piece of festival – related information with you. Promise.

Get ready to go crazy. Get ready to party hard. Get ready to succumb to madness.