Entering the madness: Jonas Love

CIF Lineup 2020. - Jonas Love

We are still not done, more are coming in! From a distand land of Canada, Crazy Island Festival welcomes Jonas Love!

Another international name is joining our ranks. Bolstering our forces and succumbing to madness, Jonas Love is ready to go crazy. With what can only be described as heaps of international experience, we are happy to have him on the Island. Still a very young DJ, we saw Jonas Love slowly climb the ladder to DJ stardom. His love for House, Tech-House, Techno and EDM are all visible in his performances.

Speaking of performances, you all would probably like to know where we know Jonas Love from. Well, sit tight and enjoy the ride. Jonas Love performed on three different continents – North America, Europe and Asia. Vancouverites (people from Vancouver – blame Google for the name) have this great opportunity and get the chance to listen to Jonas Love on regular basis. His spreading of love and positive emotions spread over multiple countries as well.

Canada, USA and Costa Rica in North America, Japan in Asia and Czechia and Croatia in Europe. We saw him play shows on the Zrće beach, Forestland festival, Travel to Ultra and many more. Now, he is ready to go crazy on the craziest festival of them all – Crazy Island Festival.

So help Crazy Island Festival in welcoming Jonas Love to our 2020 lineup. Have him #succumbtomadness along the other great DJ’s already announced (pitch time – check them out!) Also, don’t be a stranger on our social media! Facebook and Instagram are waiting for you. Share your madness with us – we want to hear from you!

Entering the madness: Simon M

CIF Lineup 2020. - Simon

Entering the madness on Crazy Island Festival, please welcome Simon M! A home-grown DJ is ready to go crazy on our main stage, come August!

Simon M started his musical path at a young age. We saw him playing guitar in many bands in the north of Croatia. Through that experience, he got confident enough and has accumulated enough musical knowledge so his solo career as a DJ could begin. In the last few years, we were able to listen to his beats on over 450 occasions and, to tell you the truth, they never get old.

Simon M has slowly transitioned into a well-known DJ and producer in the north of Croatia. We see him on a regular basis in clubs like My Way, Papas and Podroom. We have also seen him in popular clubs like Katran, Boogie, Swanky Monkey Garden, Ritam Grada and many more. Simon M is not a stranger to festival performances as well, having played at Forestland, Shelterfest and Špancirfest.

Now, Crazy Island Festival is happy to announce Simon M to our 2020 lineup. Join Simon M and us this August in Ludbreg and let’s all Succumb to Madness together.

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Entering the madness: Plastik Funk

CIF Lineup 2020. - Plastik Funk

House music made in Germany, ready to be performed in Croatia! It’s time for a FUNK phenomena. Crazy Island Festival welcomes Plastik Funk!

Starting their electronic music career over two decades ago, Plastik Funk sparked interest of the best DJ’s in the industry throughout their career. As a quintessential music producers for the new age, they reinvented the EDM world from ground up. We can’t even start emphasising how much Plastik Funk has done for the industry, we’ll just let the achievements speak for themselves.

Among many collaborations Plastik Funk have done over the years, one with Tujamo stands above all rest. That collaboration brought us an all time great release “Dr.Who! (Original Mix), which cracked the Top 20 overall in the UK. Not only that, but it was played by other greats in the industry, like Steve Angello, Nicky Romero, Afrojack and Tiesto. Following that success, we were able to enjoy their beats worldwide, all the way from Brazil to Japan.

2014 was the breaking year in their career. Playing big stages like Tomorrowland, Pacha NYC, Ultra Miami and Ultra Europe. It did not stop there, because we were able to follow them all over Asia and back to Europe. It is there, at NeonSplash and Priviledge in Ibiza where Plastik Funk got their residency. And it apexed with a personal invite from Avicii, to play the famous Ushuaia in Ibiza as a part of his Sunday night residency.

We could go on and on, listing all of the venues and festivals they ever appeared in, but one thing is for certain now. They are joining our 2020 lineup to fire all of you up. So be nice and help Crazy Island Festival in welcoming Plastik Funk!

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Entering the madness: Voltair

CIF Lineup 2020. - Voltair

August is nearing, as is the rest of our lineup! This time, another sensation from Croatia, Crazy Island Festival welcomes Voltair!

Born in north of Croatia, Voltair showed his musical prowess at a young age. We had a chance to listen to his piano playing, since he finished Varaždin School of Music. He has a saying, “Connecting people through the means of music”, so make sure you come prepared to get connected (not peer to peer). When he was only 15 years old, we could already hear him playing on Mrkli Mrak festival in Čakovec.

Voltair got a nickname Little Guetta after his performance. But he never stopped there. After his first festival, he played many club stages all over northern Croatia. We could also dance to his beats on Shelterfest and Forestland festivals, all before he was 18 years old. When he reached adulthood, he played X Music Festival and now, we have a chance to listen to his music on Crazy Island Festival.

His music is original, interlaced with his musical knowledge. Originality and indepence are the signs of his music, and he clains he will help all of us relax and have fun. Even though young, Voltair already performed with some great DJ’s, like Salkin, Sasha Mikac, Miloš Stankić and E-Base, but also with fellow Crazy Island dwellers, Timo G and Johnny Costa.

So help Crazy Island Festival welcome Voltair to our main stage in August. Let this experience be a stepping stone to him, and let’s make it an unforgettable night for all of us. Also, check out the rest of our 2020 lineup and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Crazy Island tickets available

CIF 2020. - Entrance - Tickets

Hello, you crazy people. Are you ready for madness? Because Crazy Island tickets are now available!

We have had lots of ups and downs in the past few months. What with COVID-19 and all. But madness always prevails and we do not intend to stop that. We already wrote a lot about what had lead us to this point, but there is one main thing in all of this. People make a festival.

Because of that, we brought in Eventim, Europe’s leading force behind event ticketing, to help us connect with you. And you know it would not be crazy enough for us if we did not explain in (too much) detail what’s going on. Basically, we have four different types of tickets ready for you: Festival Tickets, Daily Tickets, Camp Tickets and VIP Tickets.

Festival Tickets cover both days of festival, with access to the main stage and all of the performers lined up to fire you up (shameless lineup plug inserted here). Daily Tickets are reserved for those who are only interested in a part of the lineup (the exact timeline will be determined at a later notice). Camp Tickets are the same as Festival Tickets, but also give you a camping spot on the festival grounds. VIP Tickets, on the other hand, grant you a chance to dance away in our VIP Zone, with other perks flying your way soon.

But, as we have already established, this still is not crazy enough. Until June 25 2020, a limited number of early birds will get a chance to purchase Early Bird tickets at a cheaper price. We have put Festival, Camp and Daily tickets in the Crazy Island Early Bird tickets package – so hurry up and get the worm!

We are looking forward to seeing you in August!

Entering the madness: direCtor

CIF Lineup 2020. - Director

Directly from Croatia, directing his entrance to Crazy Island Festival, please welcome- direCtor. All puns really intended, and always will be.

We know that, especially during this time of crisis, the idea of a festival seems very far away. Seeing how most of the major festivals in Croatia, as well as the rest of Europe, had to postpone for next year, it is crazy to think that Crazy Island will go on. But, we take this opportunity to tell you that we, as well as the rest of our lineup, are yearning for August to come, so that we can show you the true meaning of a party.

Because of that, we at Crazy Island are very happy to be able to give you news about a new DJ joining our 2020 lineup. DireCtor, also known as Vilim Cikač, is a seasoned Croatian producer. Seeing how music is his passion, he turned to performing in major clubs in Croatia. We had a chance to listen to his energetic beats all over our coast. However, he is not only present in clubs. We had a chance to dance to his beats on Forrestland in 2019. And now, we have this great opportunity to welcome him to Crazy Island Festival, where he will be sharing the main stage with other DJ’s in our lineup.

Stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter so you would be the first one to receive important Crazy Island Festival news. We have something really juicy for you in the comming days, so make sure you stay tuned. And please, help us in welcoming direCtor to Crazy Island Festival. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram in order to receive the latest festival news.

Entering the madness: Nicholas Adams

CIF Lineup 2020. - Nicholas Adams

From the land of ice and snow, comes yet another sensation. Crazy Island Festival is happy to present Nicholas Adams joining the lineup!

Nicholas Adams is a 21 year old DJ from Norway who is climbing the ladder to greatness. He took the “practice makes perfect” very seriously in life. Practicing day in and out year after year made him ready for the big stages. Now, we can enjoy his performances on a regular basis all over Norway. Being very passionate about what he does, he found inspiration in many great names of the industry, but also from own life.

Today, we can find him in a studio on a regular basis. Producing and making new music every day is the next chapter in his life, and he’s only 21! There are no shortages in his schedule, seeing how the audience can enjoy his music at least twice per week on a regular basis. He has played in some of the largest clubs in Norway, like Nox, Sirkus and K10 in Oslo. He is also a resident DJ in Bart Hemsedal, for two seasons now, which is one of the largest ski resorts in Norway.

As far as the festival life is concerned, Nicholas Adams has quite a lot of international experience already. He played on Arsenale Di Venice in Italy and Life is a Beachparty in Greece. While supporting Armin Van Buuren he played Orchid Calling in Macedonia, in front of 15.000 people. We could also see him light the atmosphere up in Sweden and Turkey. That being said, we thin k this is prime time for him to fire all of you up on the Crazy Stage on Crazy Island Festival

So, please put your hands up and help Crazy Island Festival welcome Nicholas Adams.

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Entering the madness: DJ TiGi

CIF Lineup 2020. - Tigi

Hold up, hold up – they are still coming? You know they are, all the way from Czechia. Crazy Island Festival welcomes DJ TiGi!

TiGi is a veteran of the game but, like our fight to save the summer, is still going strong. We have been able to listen to his energetic mixes for fourteen years now. Frankly, to tell you, they have not lost an ounce of beat in that time. TiGi’s mixes aged well, and are now ready to fire all of you up on Crazy Island Festival’s main stage. We know that he will deliver on what he’s best in. Best track choices, proper gradation and, his crazy big room sound. Did we mention already that we are a fan of anything crazy? Yeah, you know it.

TiGI is the resident DJ of housemagazine.cz server, Retro Music Hall, a prestigious club in Prague and the renowned Camp Josef Agency. Back in 2017, we were given his single with Nick Hardin, Pure. Even though three years old now the single was the anthem of the summer festival of the same name. Also, it was in a regular rotation on the Czech music station Dance Radio. As well as that, its music video was broadcasted by the most watched Czech music TV station Očko.

So, as TiGi says, put your hands up in the air for a DJ who shared the stage with the industry greats. We were able to see him standing next to Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, Timmy Trumpet, KSHMR, Vini Vici, Curbi, Sander van Doorn and many more. He earned his name by playing on many festivals. He was making people of Creamfields and Finlandia Machač, which gave him a spot among the greats.

Crazy Island Festival is very happy to be able to announce TiGi as a part of our lineup. Although the world is full of uncertanties now, you can be certain in one thing: You really want to hear TiGi play live, and so do we!

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Entering the madness: Mario Eddie

CIF Lineup 2020. - Mario Eddie

Never stopping, keep it going! Crazy Island Festival is proudly presenting Mario Eddie!

Mario Eddie is from North Macedonia, where he first started his DJ career back in 2010. We had the chance to see him collaborate with the greatest in the industry. He played as a warm-up DJ for many popular DJ’s. Roger Sanchez, R3hab, Justin Mylo and Romeo Blanco, just to name a few. And now, we have a great opportunity to bring this young man to Crazy Island Festival, where he will be firing you all up with his crazy beats.

His DJ career took him on a label path. We heard about him from the likes of The Realm Label, Groovack Music, Canaan Digital Records, CODEEP and, finally, he was able to sign a deal with Hot Fingers Records. Being able to listen to his interpretations comes as a great gift. Because of that, we can’t wait for him to showcase his talent to you all on our Crazy stage. Get ready to party hard, Mario Eddie ensures you will.

We particularly like his seamless transitions in his mixes. Hopefully, that will keep you moving throughout, never giving you a chance to take a break. His experience on the international stage, having performed all over North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo is sure to play a great part in his performance on Crazy Island Festival.

Crazy Island Festival is very happy to have Mario Eddie join our crazy 2020 lineup. We know his great performances will transition and play straight towards your emotions when he steps on the Crazy stage.

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Official COVID-19 update

The news around the world are not looking up. At the time of writing, the world has just over half a million of confirmed COVID-19 cases. But you didn’t come here for news. You came for the official COVID-19 update regarding Crazy Island Festival. You came to find out where were we and what we are doing, didn’t you?

There are a lot of question marks regarding this pandemic. Even though it doesn’t seem to be especially deadly among the younger generations, it is very contagious. Now, we are not doctors, we are mad people who love parties. But with how things were looking, it became more and more apparent that partying should be put on hold this summer. Not on our watch.

As of March 27, after a lot of careful considerations, we are happy to announce that Crazy Island Festival is still on the schedule. Nothing should be able to stop the madness, so we are not going to let this pandemic start doing it. You are still invited to join us in Ludbreg, on 7th and 8th of August, to experience the madness first hand. The question is, are you up for the challenge?

We will, as always, keep you posted with the newest of news. Nevertheless, please watch yourself and #stayhome during these rough times. Take a break and spend some time with your loved ones (but at a distance) now, so we could all party in the summer together. The very last thing we want to do is to have to write another official COVID-19 update, but with much sadder news inside of it. Let’s work together and put Crazy Island Festival on the map as the epicentre of madness, craziness and great fun. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we will communicate all other important updates with you, our crazy audience.

We will continue with the reveals early next week, so keep a close eye out on the festival lineup. Stay safe, stay crazy and, as always, succumb to madness.