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Welcome to madness!
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July is a month to succumb to madness. Join us on the electronic music festival in Ludbreg, Croatia. We are coming for you on the 30th of July, are you ready to succumb?

Crazy Island Festival is a love child of a bunch of crazy people who had a dream – a dream which brings electric charge to Ludbreg, the heart of Croatia. A dream that is slowly becoming a reality. And when the months pass us by one by one. And when August draws near. We already feel the energy coming from YOU, beautiful people who live for the electronic music festivals throughout the year.

Let’s light the party together on a small island on the river Bednja. Let’s fill the air in central Croatia with positive energy through and through and succumb to madness together! An electronic music festival is not just great performers on the stage, but a combination of hundreds of souls, partying through the night, dancing the tiredness away.

Check out the festival line-up and the festival tickets.

Are you ready to join us? Are you prepared to go crazy with us and show the world the madness in the centre of the world?

We are waiting. Come and get us!


Ludbreg is a town in north-western Croatia, in the Varaždin county. A popular place of pilgrimage for believers all over Europe. There is, however, one major fact about Ludbreg which sets it apart from other towns in the world.

It is a geographical centre of the world.

And in this historical town of Ludbreg, surrounded by many vineyards famous for their Riesling wines, a small island arose.

That island on river Bednja, called The Island of Youth, is the location for many festivals. Rock and Alternative festivals, Bikers gatherings, countless concerts. The nature itself created an ideal place for music festivals, and now it is getting its own electronic music festival in Ludbreg, the heart of Croatia.


Sleep? Sleep is for the weak.

But, well, we all have to do it from time to time. So, worry not, we have just the help you were looking for! Thanks to the lovely people in the Ludbreg Tourist Board, we are bringing you the list of the available accommodation.

Ludbreg is located on the crossroads, between the large cities in central Croatia. With its great connection lines to Zagreb, Koprivnica and Varaždin, all of which are within one-hour drive from Ludbreg, finding accommodation will be easier than going crazy during the festival.


Ah, food and drinks. The staple of every society.

If, during your stay in Ludbreg, you ever find yourself wanting to explore the local cuisine, this page might be just what you need. Plenty of great restaurants, dot the landscape in and around Ludbreg. It would be nearly impossible to go and try every single dish on the menu.

But, energy must be (re)stored, especially after dancing through the night. We are bringing you the list of the gastronomical places of interest in and around Ludbreg, so that you will always have enough energy to go crazy and succumb to madness!


In front of the festival main gate, you will exchange your festival ticket for the festival wristband of different colour, depending on the type of ticket you have chosen. Keep your wristband on at all times, seeing how its loss or damage means a loss of right to stay at the festival.

Please, be cooperative with our festival security, who will check your wristbands at the entrance. They are here to ensure safety of all festival attendees, and have the right to remove a person from the festival premises should they deem safety of others has been compromised.

We promote good time and crazy partying at Crazy Island Festival, so we welcome you to join us in promoting the same. Aggression, homophobia, drug usage or violence are strictly prohibited on the festival grounds.

Help us in getting the message of piece across all of the attendees. It is strictly forbidden to enter the festival grounds with: firearms, knives, sticks, pyrotechnics of any grade, bottles, glassware, etc.

Any possession, consumption or resale of illegal narcotics is forbidden during the festival. In accordance to the Croatian law, people caught in such acts will be detained until the arrival of the police.

Be mindful of people around you, we are all here to have a good time, not a short time. Should you encounter a person in need of medical assistance, alert the medical staff on the festival and try to secure the area around them, allowing them to get fresh air.

Pets of any kind are not allowed on festival grounds, entirely for their own health and benefit. They would be harmed by loud music and piercing lights – so it’s better to leave them at home for the duration.

Please be mindful of the sound system on the festival – it serves to allow you to have a great time – let it do its job.

Please put all of your waste in the garbage bins on the festival grounds. By doing so, we are not only keeping the nature as clean as possible, but we are also making sure waste does not pose any health hazard on the floor.

Any kind of fire ignition during the festival is strictly forbidden.


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