Dj Deel Capo

CIF Lineup 2022. - Deel Capo

Dj Deel Capo is a Croatian DJ with more than 15 years of presence on the home-ground scene.. He played his in in Međimurje county clubs and Varaždin region local bars and clubs. This gave him opportunity to cooperate with big regional DJs such as Nesho, Kay Zrill, Pintha InDaHouse.

He performed at the Lift Off and Arena Cool Beat festival and has the title of organiser and founder of Magic Net – HIGH VIBES – club evening focused on the promotion of electronic music in Varaždin regional area.
His distinctive sound is a combination of house and tech-house music.

Glad to have you here Dj Deel Capo.


CIF Lineup 2022. - Agust

AGÚST is a 22-year old DJ, Producer & Artist from Iceland.
AGÚST’s career had a humble beginning as he grew up in the capital of Iceland. Later he moved to Bergen, Norway. 2 years after moving to Bergen he went from playing at small clubs and High School parties to become one of the hottest DJ’s in Norway. Playing all around Norway, headlining the biggest nightclubs Norway has to offer, sharing stages with some of Norway’s biggest artists and also playing overseas, with more confirmed country’s to be announced. 


AGÚST had over 100 gigs in 2019 and was on course to beat that record in 2020 with loads of big confirmed gigs, before Covid-19 forced everything on hold. Being positive about the situation he now uses his free time to focus on his production and plans to fill this year with new music and collaborations. 

AGÚST has already made himself known within the international music industry, being supported for his Mashups, Remixes, released and unreleased tracks, having also collaborated with artists signed with some of the biggest EDM labels in the industry. 


AGÚST shows great potential, both on and off the stage, and is definitely one of the hottest up&coming artists in Norway. His on-stage performances are exceptional, and is arguably one of the reasons why he’s rice to success has been so rapid.

AGÚST we welcome you to the stage.

Elena Mikac

CIF Lineup 2022. - Elena Mikac

Elena Mikac is a young DJ of the new generation who entered the scene in 2020. She is a creative part of the team behind “Dobar House“, and the growing interest in her engagements is justified by her wide oeuvre, from disco and house to minimal and progressive.
She is also the co-owner of the record label Dobar House, which, in addition to releasing high-quality house music. Regardless of the fact that she is young, she has already organised o dosen fantastic events, giving the Croatian electronic music industry a significant boost.

Thats why we are happy to have her onboard.

Elena Mikac, welcome to the madness.

Tom Bug

CIF Lineup 2022. - Tom Bug

Tom Bug is one of the most in-demand DJs in Croatia with performances spanning  throughout Croatia and further. He’s an awarded DJ with gigs in some of the best clubs in Croatia. Revelin, Central Club, 585Club, Carpe Diem, Deep Club, Peti Kupe, Aquarius  are just some of them. 


He released music on Snatch! Records, Sense Traxx, Flashmob, Simma Black, Get  Physical, and other labels as well, including his own label / club night Dobar House. 

With more than 20 years behind the decks, Tom shows both skills and energy, always  pleasing the (sometimes demanding) dance crowd! 

Blending all sorts of dance music in his sets, he is not commited to one style. He always keeps a groove through his sets and let’s his creativity run the show. 


Back in 2006, he won DJ mix competition, which gave him his first taste of  media exposure. 

In 2013, he helped promote and perform at Boudoir Nights, a themed club night with special  performances, dancers, arts, and fashion. 

Tom decides to give competitions another shot in 2015, after finishing second in Croatia for a  Croatian representative in the biggest global DJ competition, burn Residency. He wins first  place in Croatia, allowing him to travel to Ibiza and compete globally. 

The same year, Grant Nelson’s radio station, D3ep Radio Network welcomed Tom’s  HouseFusion radio show as a standard part of it’s broadcasting schedule. 


In 2015 Tom released his first track titled Safe on Blacksoul Music. 

Promising he has a lot more to offer, Tom started releasing his music solo and with help of  Grooveline as well, who turned out to be his most frequent music collaborator.

Tom released his music also on: 

Snatch! Records (‘Changed My Life EP’ – supported by the likes of Franky Rizardo, Riva Starr,  Low Steppa, DJ Rae, The Deepshakerz, Nice7 and many more + Body Talk EP w/ Grooveline) Flashmob Records (‘You Got To believe It’) 

Sense Traxx (his collaboration with Ida fLO got them first place on Beatport’s Deep House Hype  chart for 4 weeks in a row and 10th place on Beatport’s Deep House chart) Simma Black (‘Love Wide Open’ feat. Andre Espeut, ‘Something To Say’ w/ Stefanic feat.  Jasmina Makota) 

Simma Red (In Chicago EP’ w/ Grooveline) 

Get Physical (‘Isolated’) 

Tom has also had a string of hit singles and EPs with Phoenix Music, Motive Record, and All  About House. 

He officially remixed Didier Sinclair’s ‘Lovely Flight. It was a huge hit in France,  reaching #7 on Radio FG’s top 50 chart at the time of its release. 


His most recent project, Dobar House (eng. Good House), aims to bring together cool people  who are passionate about house music in one place, under one roof. The next logical step was to turn the club night into a record label, which finally happened in 2018. 


The label was named “Best Label of 2020” at the Ambassador Awards, and his single “Do I  Know You” with Ida fLO was awarded the title ‘House single of the year’ the same year. 

In the year 2017, He won the award for best Croatian house DJ, while the Elector Award  nominated him for ‘Best DJ’ in 2022. 

With 2022 promising more gigs and releases than ever, Tom is a producer and DJ that will  surely grab your attention whether with his music or his skills and energy behind the decks. For more details and Tom’s social media, please visit: Facebook, Instagram,

Dave Manali

CIF Lineup 2022. - Dave Manali

Dave Manali is an Italian Dj/producer and music advisor with over 20 years of experience in the music industry. His professional career dates back to 1997 when he becomes resident Dj at Ambasada Gavioli (Izola-Slovenia).

Record Shop

Following his venture into the djing world, he worked with Dance All Day Record Shop (Paolo Barbato). That was one of the top music stores in the North of Italy. Few years later, he opened his music store, Earresistible Musich Shop (Valentino Kanzyani), diversifying his activities also into the event organisation.

He has developed solid skills and unique experience, sharing the stage with famous international artists such as: David Morales, Roger Sanchez, Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, Todd Terry, Bob Sinclair, Mark Knight, Nic Fanciulli, The Shapeshifters, Mousse T, Ultra Nate, Barbara Tucker, Lisa Millett, and others.


Over these times, he had the chance to explore the electronic music scene and to gain experience that bring him work colaborations with the leading management and organization across the area. ( Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, and North Makedonija )


With a music addiction that keeps him up-to-date on the latest releases and trends. Dave loves to play fresh tracks that get people moving into the groove. In the last years, Dave has been performing and collaborating with clubs and Festival like Ambasada Gavioli, Kurzchluss, Cvetlicarna, Kastle Kolpa Music Festival, Byblos, Boogaloo, Colosseum Beach Club, Khalia, Witness Lounge, Pfingsten Beach Festival, Jaxx Club & Felsen Club.


Dave Manali music productions has been published on Stereophonic Records, Marba Records, Tested Records, miniMarket, Hot-Q Music, LW Recordings, and several others.

His releases have been played on radio shows such as the Subliminal Session (Erick Morillo) and frequently they have been included on new music charts by top distributors such as Beatport and Traxsource.


At the moment, Dave is active with “At Nite”, a project born from the need to combine past experiences and new perspectives, relating to events and DJing in the “new” reality.

Dave, welcome to the madness.


CIF Lineup 2022. - Yakka

As a young force, local DJ Yakka comes to complete our madness at Crazy Island Festival.

Given that we have already briefly introduced him at the Crazy Island Festival line up, we have prepared a few questions for him.


1. Yakka, some time has passed since your first Ambassador award in 2018, where you won the title of best DJ of the year. How did your life change after that? Was it the award for the best house dj or ?

Yes, but a small correction. In 2018 the award was Croatian DJ of the year, and in 2019 the best Croatian house DJ. I prefer the term “DJ of the year” because it is easier to be objective and more measurable than “the best”, which is quite a relative term. The awards certainly did not take away anything but contributed to the career. Consistency with performances is important to me and that I am always at the top of the list of the most wanted domestic DJs.


2. I remember that you had some killer remixes for a quality part of the local scene, and then you decided to make your own album, which was a balm for the ears. Are there any indications of a new album?

That’s right, in the beginning I was throwing things out of the hobby and there was a bunch of everything, better and worse. At some point, out of curiosity, I remixed a couple of local artists and it was well received. Some of these remixes have hundreds of thousands of listens. The album was a logical sequence of events, at that time I was solidly satisfied with the result, but over time it is natural that we learn and strive for better, so a new album is on the horizon, which for me personally is better than the first, and it will be up to the audience to judge. The album will be called “Soulshine”. I want to release the first single out in the summer, while I choose and decide the right mixes & masters.


3. Is it much easier now that you have a studio in your own home?

I’ve always worked from home, but it’s definitely easier when you have a separate space for it that isn’t decorated and equipped according to your own taste. That’s where I close myself off and work unhindered when I have the will and inspiration.

4. Which study detail would you single out that you could not live without?

For me, the big jump in sound quality was getting a more professional sound card (RME Fireface 802) and monitor (Focal Shape 65). I would single out that as more important items in the studio and the jump from some amateur equipment to something more specific. It meets my needs for now.


5. Since we will soon see each other at the Crazy Island Festival, please tell us who has left the biggest musical impression on you recently and in which direction will your playlist move?

I’m a DJ who loves style and can go wide in the domain of house subgenres through the sets, sometimes even a few techno tracks break. It is important that the audience has fun. Everything depends on the moment and the audience in front of me. At that moment, I evaluate how much I will experiment, or go “safe”, aggressive, softer, etc. Other DJs leave an impression and inspiration on me in general with their attitude, energy, way of mixing, a bunch of little things… all this more than just the music they play. My role models are old school house dj’s, but sometimes I learn something and I’m really impressed by relatively anonymous DJs who, for example, play a warmup set for me. I’m looking forward to the Crazy Island Festival, and I’ll decide on the spot which direction the set will go.

Yakka, thank you very much for your time and for the interview. See you soon in the center of madness.

Pintha InDaHouse

CIF Lineup 2022. - Pintha InDaHouse

DJ known as a representative of the urban music of Northwest Croatia for more than a decade. Pintha InDaHouse is coming to complete our madness at Crazy Island Festival.

Present on the house music scene for more than 15 years. Member of the prestigious Croatian house label Blacksoulmusic. Resident of the cult club night Tech Room & finalist of the Police DJ Battle in 2011.

He was the music editor of the grovie music shows “Dance Floor” and “Soho groove” which are broadcasted for years. Yeah, we must admit it. Radio Sjeverozapad had the best shows back then.

During his career, he shared his decks with renowned dj names. Those names include: Blacksoul, E-Base, Ivan Mastermix, Kay Zrill, Gramophonedzie, Paolo Barbato, Dave Manali, Peznt, Ferreck Dawn, The Shapeshifters, The Freemasons, Tim Taylor, Darren Shambhala, Jannet Slack, Miss Maverick, Happy B, Dj Om, Magic J and many more.

Pintha, tell us… Of all the collaborations with world-famous DJs, which one would you describe as the most significant?

Over the years I have literally played and met DJ stars from all over the World. But if I 

Can single out some of the most significant collaborations? Honestly, I can’t. At such events, the stars are in focus, not us other DJs, but still one of my favorite DJs and friends with whom I have both a business and private relationship is certainly Marko Miličević, better known as Gramophonedzije.

For me, the most important DJs with whom I still work today do not have a “world star” in their sign, but they have always supported and supported my development. E-Base, Kay Zrill, Balcksoul i.e. Peznt  were always there when needed.

We believe that the collaborations expanded when you moved from your hometown to Zagreb. How would you look back on the Varaždin scene now?

As for nightlife, Varaždin and Zagreb simply do not go together. Zagreb offers entertainment options in all genres of music while

Varaždin is deprived of clubs. The equation is simple, there are no clubs, there are no parties. Citizens of Varaždin are deprived of space where events could be held and the only thing left for them are open air events and more or less private events that are organized wherever there is a place. The DJs in Varaždin are excellent and it’s a good thing that they are not limited to playing only in Varaždin because they wouldn’t play!

If you could change or repeat any moment from your musical career, what would it be?

And this is a very difficult question. Tthere were so many wonderful moments and people that there is simply no scale by which to measure it. For example the sunrise in Dubrovnik with the song Everything but the girl – Tracey in my room, every ending of Arena Cool Beat. Monsoon rain in Terme Tuhelj and 5,000 people dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Early morning swimming on Rab after a crazy night in Santos. The ban on entering Slovenia with vinyls, haha. Simply, in the many years I’ve been playing, from every party I have wonderful memories. So there is nothing I would change or repeat because I could never know what good things could happen at the next gig.

Pintha thank you for your time. See you soon at the Crazy Island Festival. Do you have any final message?

Thank you, I have a message for the end.

 Time flies and never comes back. So don’t think. Live life to the fullest, have fun, dance no matter if the dj is a mega star or your local dj. Know that mega stars were also local DJs. Time passes but memories remain. See you soon to build a beautiful memory together!!!

XXX PintInDaHouseuse

Ferry Van Hreen

CIF Lineup 2022. - FVH

Another young man who will show his skilz at the Crazy Island Festival and also support his DJ colleagues is Filip Hren. Local dj with the dj nick  Ferry Van Hreen. We had the opportunity to listen to it in the earlier days in a harder edition and a great dance groove. Now we are interested in what he is preparing for the Crazy Island Festival.

Underground scene

1. Ferry Van Hreen, first of all welcome to the madness of the Crazy Island Festival. You have been on the scene for more than 12 years. Tell us, please, which year do you remember as the most impressive year of your career?

Greetings to the entire team participating in the project! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the invitation. Most of us have been friends for many years and this event is an opportunity to meet again and hang out in a great location with a great production. The years that I somehow remember the most are between 2012 and 2014. As far as I remember, 2012 was the best in terms of electronic music events, especially the stage on the Arena Varaždin, where all ten days of the festival took place. At that time, Špancirfest had a cool old vibe which, unfortunately, no longer exists. so everything from “wild” evolved into “lame and boring” and I don’t like that at all. 

Also in 2014, after a short lull, an event was organized at the Prostor club (Čakovec), which was a complete success, from the response, the atmosphere to the aftershock, which many friends still talk about today.

Welcome Jack

2. Your release Welcome Jack was an extraordinarily successful single, but after that you turn in a different direction, how come?

Already during the creation of Jack, I started experimenting with a harder, raw and more experimental sound, which I still perfect today. I realized that I prefer the “soundscape” of the Techno genre rather than the “feeling” of House. But I must say thatI steel enjoy spinning house tunes, but combining more techno tracks into one gives me more dj freedom to express my self. This is a great opportunity to relive my experience I gained over the years on the dance floor. And an opportunity to present my vibe and the energy that runs through my head over the years.

Time of changes 

3. You currently have 2 pseudonyms for two musical directions, can you tell us a little more about that?

I started out as Ferry Van Hreen and most people know me by that. The main focus of this project is House / Tech house music with groove that rides on the floor concentrated mostly on rhythm, and combining the basic elements of the track (bassline and percussion), rather than melody.

Attenuator is a project I work with harder, deeper, rawer and faster sound with occasional psychedelic elements. An extended play (EP) is currently being finished with which I’lll present the project and the direction I’m planning to go.


4. We look forward to hearing you play  again, how do you describe the grooves you prepare for us?

Thank you, the joy is mutual.  The music I play is oriented to deep / tech sound.

 Thank you for the invitation And the only thing I hope the time will serve us is because the audience will certainly not be missed. I get a bunch of messages and inquiries about the festival every day. See you and hear you on July 30 in Ludbreg. Peace.