Entering the madness: Mon Sai

CIF Lineup 2020. - Mon Sai

We saved the cherry for the top. Crazy Island Festival warmly welcomes Mon Sai to our crazy 2020 lineup!

Monika Smiljanić, rocking it out under the alias Mon Sai, is coming to Crazy Island Festival to fire all of you up. We have seen her, since the start of her career in 2018, playing countless clubs in Croatia. We saw her start her own career last year. Before that, she was a part of a girlboss DJ group, which also rocked the clubs in the region.

We have even seen Mon Sai fire up big festivals in the region as well. Which ones, you ask? The Exit Festival in Serbia! Last year, Mon Sai fired up the Serbian crowd with her energetic performances on one of the largest festivals in the region. Now, we can’t wait for her to step onto our Crazy stage to fire all of you up. August is nearing, it is going to be up to you to get ready for her performance.

Personally, we like her catchy tunes of house music, which makes the perfect fit into our 2020 lineup. Speaking of lineups, how about you check out this one? Also, do not forget to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, so you would be the first to receive the news. Speaking of news, sign up to our newsletter, we will be sending some fun info your way soon.

Entering the madness: Maicco

CIF Lineup 2020. - Maicco

We got another homeboy entering the madness for you guys. Crazy Island Festival welcomes Maicco!

Now, guys. Before we say anything else, there is something you should now. You know. Regarding the situation at hand. We want to tell you that we are monitoring the outbreak. We really want to let you guys jump into the madness, but we have to regard the safety first and foremost. So, stay tuned, we will keep you posted…. You think they are gone yet? Good.

Now that we got the doctors and the lawmakers happy, we can jump right back to the matter at hand. Maicco is an up and coming Croatian DJ, who we have had the chance of seeing on many private parties. Did you guys know that THIS will be his first festival performance? So you better behave and welcome him as well as you would anyone else. Because we know Maicco can fire you up – we have seen it happen! It’s going to be up to you whether you’ll let him do it!

So help Crazy Island Festival in welcoming Maicco to our crazy 2020 lineup. We can’t wait for him to step on the stage and show us why a lot of people put so much trust into him. Check out the rest of our lineup as well! Also, go check out our Facebook and Instagram, we got fun stuff for you there day in and out.

Entering the madness: Mrgn Maar

CIF Lineup 2020. - Mrgn Maar

Let’s bring it home strong. We are slowly entering the last month before the start of madness. Crazy Island Festival welcomes Mrgn Maar to our crazy lineup!

Mrgn Maar, a DJ from Zagreb, is on his way to madness to show his skills on a large stage. Playing under a new name since 2019, he already had a lot of time to impress. We have heard his funky beats in clubs all over Zagreb. Not only that, we can listen to him while driving to and from work, since his mixes are regularly played on Croatia’s most popular radio stations. Both Enter Radio and Otvoreni Radio play his songs on a regular basis, so you will be familiar with his tracks.

To continue the lines of praise, some of his mixes already reached a wide audience. Single King was among the top 15 most downloaded tracks on Hypeddit. We also have a big secret to share with you: Mrgn Maar personally told us he does not plan on stopping there. Rumours are he is already working on the next big hit. If luck (and the current situation) is on side, we might be able to hear some of his new stuff very soon.

So help Crazy Island Festival in welcoming Mrgn Maar to our crazy lineup! We know he will create a great show for you guys, just you wait! Speaking of lineups – check this one out! Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram in order to get the latest news!

Entering the madness: Mick3y

CIF Lineup 2020. - Mick3y

Hello, Czechia! From the brotherly country comes another young talent. Crazy Island Festival warmly welcomes, Mick3y!

Not only a DJ, but also a producer from Czechia, DJ Mick3y is coming to showcase his talent on the Crazy stage. We love his dedication towards mashups, edits, bootlegs and remixed during his shows. And, yes, we know you will like those too. Even though young, Mick3y has already played in a number of well known clubs in Czechia. We (and you) can enjoy his music on a regular basis in the clubs like Sklub Olomouc, Dupley Prague and Fabric Ostrava.

Mick3y loves his crows. An, in turn, the crowd adores his shows. So far, we have seen him share a stage with some of the greats in the industry. Mesto, Skytech, Mightyfools, Mike Cervello and Dannic all have high praise for this young DJ and producer. Aside from that, Mick3y is a resident of Citov, the largest Open Air party in Czechia. Now, the time has come for him to prove his worth on the craziest stage of them all. The Crazy Island Festival stage.

Join Crazy Island Festival in welcoming Mick3y to our crazy lineup for this year. We know you will love his energetic and hyped performances. Speaking of lineups, have you already checked the rest of ours? Do it now. Also, go check out our Facebook and Instagram, we got fun stuff for you there day in and out. Peace!

Entering the madness: Florijan Herman

CIF Lineup 2020. - Florijan Herman

It’s a rapid fire over here, we have a new name for you! Crazy Island Festival warmly welcomes Florijan Herman to our crazy lineup!

Coming to us from the land of Slovenia, Florijan Herman is a young star on the rise. Only 17 years old, he already played on many stages in Slovenia and Croatia. We love his combination of rave, prog house, electro house and bigroom music. He uses his music to his advantage, making the audience dance as much as possible. Never resting, only jumping, that’s what we will all do once Florijan Herman lands on the stage.

So far in his career, we saw him share a stage with quite a few larger industry names. Guys like Sasha Mikac, Clay Clemens and even his fellow Islander Timo G all endorsed his skills in DJ-ing. However, it does not stop only at them. Last year, we saw Florijan Herman place among Top 10 DJ’s in Austria. All of that, while being only 17 years old, is just a proof that we can expect great things from this Slovenian sensation in years to come.

Now the time has come for you to help Crazy Island Festival welcome Florijan Herman. We are sure he will do his part in making you dance – will you do yours in supporting him? Make sure to check the rest of our 2020 lineup. Don’t forget about Facebook and Instagram as well – we know you won’t.

Entering the madness: Alan Krevo

CIF Lineup 2020. - Alan Krevo

As we continue on, we have more great news for you guys! This year, Crazy Island Festival presents a local sensation, Alan Krevo!

Coming to the craziness from the north of Croatia, Alan Krevo started his career at a very young age. He will be stepping onto the Crazy stage, being only 18 years old, as a stage veteran. We had a chance of seeing his performances on festivals like Riverside, Near Me and in Paladin club, where he played regularly. Recently, he stepped back from live shows in order to focus more on producing music. However, now came time for him to succumb to madness on Crazy Island Festival, where we are waiting with open arms.

Alan Krevo has been endorsed by well-known DJ’s and producers, like Will Sparks, Julian Calor, Le Shuuk and others. All the more reason to come see him light the atmosphere up in August, right? We could interpret Alan’s performances as highly energetic, modern and, most of all, original. In conclusion, we are only giving you more and more reasons to come see this young DJ rock the stage on Crazy Island Festival.

So help Crazy Island welcome Alan Krevo to our crazy lineup. We are sure you will enjoy his performance come August. Also, make sure to check the rest of our 2020 lineup. Don’t forget about Facebook and Instagram, they never forget about you.

Entering the madness: Jonas Love

CIF Lineup 2020. - Jonas Love

We are still not done, more are coming in! From a distand land of Canada, Crazy Island Festival welcomes Jonas Love!

Another international name is joining our ranks. Bolstering our forces and succumbing to madness, Jonas Love is ready to go crazy. With what can only be described as heaps of international experience, we are happy to have him on the Island. Still a very young DJ, we saw Jonas Love slowly climb the ladder to DJ stardom. His love for House, Tech-House, Techno and EDM are all visible in his performances.

Speaking of performances, you all would probably like to know where we know Jonas Love from. Well, sit tight and enjoy the ride. Jonas Love performed on three different continents – North America, Europe and Asia. Vancouverites (people from Vancouver – blame Google for the name) have this great opportunity and get the chance to listen to Jonas Love on regular basis. His spreading of love and positive emotions spread over multiple countries as well.

Canada, USA and Costa Rica in North America, Japan in Asia and Czechia and Croatia in Europe. We saw him play shows on the Zrće beach, Forestland festival, Travel to Ultra and many more. Now, he is ready to go crazy on the craziest festival of them all – Crazy Island Festival.

So help Crazy Island Festival in welcoming Jonas Love to our 2020 lineup. Have him #succumbtomadness along the other great DJ’s already announced (pitch time – check them out!) Also, don’t be a stranger on our social media! Facebook and Instagram are waiting for you. Share your madness with us – we want to hear from you!

Entering the madness: Simon M

CIF Lineup 2020. - Simon

Entering the madness on Crazy Island Festival, please welcome Simon M! A home-grown DJ is ready to go crazy on our main stage, come August!

Simon M started his musical path at a young age. We saw him playing guitar in many bands in the north of Croatia. Through that experience, he got confident enough and has accumulated enough musical knowledge so his solo career as a DJ could begin. In the last few years, we were able to listen to his beats on over 450 occasions and, to tell you the truth, they never get old.

Simon M has slowly transitioned into a well-known DJ and producer in the north of Croatia. We see him on a regular basis in clubs like My Way, Papas and Podroom. We have also seen him in popular clubs like Katran, Boogie, Swanky Monkey Garden, Ritam Grada and many more. Simon M is not a stranger to festival performances as well, having played at Forestland, Shelterfest and Špancirfest.

Now, Crazy Island Festival is happy to announce Simon M to our 2020 lineup. Join Simon M and us this August in Ludbreg and let’s all Succumb to Madness together.

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Entering the madness: Plastik Funk

CIF Lineup 2020. - Plastik Funk

House music made in Germany, ready to be performed in Croatia! It’s time for a FUNK phenomena. Crazy Island Festival welcomes Plastik Funk!

Starting their electronic music career over two decades ago, Plastik Funk sparked interest of the best DJ’s in the industry throughout their career. As a quintessential music producers for the new age, they reinvented the EDM world from ground up. We can’t even start emphasising how much Plastik Funk has done for the industry, we’ll just let the achievements speak for themselves.

Among many collaborations Plastik Funk have done over the years, one with Tujamo stands above all rest. That collaboration brought us an all time great release “Dr.Who! (Original Mix), which cracked the Top 20 overall in the UK. Not only that, but it was played by other greats in the industry, like Steve Angello, Nicky Romero, Afrojack and Tiesto. Following that success, we were able to enjoy their beats worldwide, all the way from Brazil to Japan.

2014 was the breaking year in their career. Playing big stages like Tomorrowland, Pacha NYC, Ultra Miami and Ultra Europe. It did not stop there, because we were able to follow them all over Asia and back to Europe. It is there, at NeonSplash and Priviledge in Ibiza where Plastik Funk got their residency. And it apexed with a personal invite from Avicii, to play the famous Ushuaia in Ibiza as a part of his Sunday night residency.

We could go on and on, listing all of the venues and festivals they ever appeared in, but one thing is for certain now. They are joining our 2020 lineup to fire all of you up. So be nice and help Crazy Island Festival in welcoming Plastik Funk!

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