Entering the madness: Nicholas Adams

CIF Lineup 2020. - Nicholas Adams

From the land of ice and snow, comes yet another sensation. Crazy Island Festival is happy to present Nicholas Adams joining the lineup!

Nicholas Adams is a 21 year old DJ from Norway who is climbing the ladder to greatness. He took the “practice makes perfect” very seriously in life. Practicing day in and out year after year made him ready for the big stages. Now, we can enjoy his performances on a regular basis all over Norway. Being very passionate about what he does, he found inspiration in many great names of the industry, but also from own life.

Today, we can find him in a studio on a regular basis. Producing and making new music every day is the next chapter in his life, and he’s only 21! There are no shortages in his schedule, seeing how the audience can enjoy his music at least twice per week on a regular basis. He has played in some of the largest clubs in Norway, like Nox, Sirkus and K10 in Oslo. He is also a resident DJ in Bart Hemsedal, for two seasons now, which is one of the largest ski resorts in Norway.

As far as the festival life is concerned, Nicholas Adams has quite a lot of international experience already. He played on Arsenale Di Venice in Italy and Life is a Beachparty in Greece. While supporting Armin Van Buuren he played Orchid Calling in Macedonia, in front of 15.000 people. We could also see him light the atmosphere up in Sweden and Turkey. That being said, we thin k this is prime time for him to fire all of you up on the Crazy Stage on Crazy Island Festival

So, please put your hands up and help Crazy Island Festival welcome Nicholas Adams.

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Entering the madness: DJ TiGi

CIF Lineup 2020. - Tigi

Hold up, hold up – they are still coming? You know they are, all the way from Czechia. Crazy Island Festival welcomes DJ TiGi!

TiGi is a veteran of the game but, like our fight to save the summer, is still going strong. We have been able to listen to his energetic mixes for fourteen years now. Frankly, to tell you, they have not lost an ounce of beat in that time. TiGi’s mixes aged well, and are now ready to fire all of you up on Crazy Island Festival’s main stage. We know that he will deliver on what he’s best in. Best track choices, proper gradation and, his crazy big room sound. Did we mention already that we are a fan of anything crazy? Yeah, you know it.

TiGI is the resident DJ of housemagazine.cz server, Retro Music Hall, a prestigious club in Prague and the renowned Camp Josef Agency. Back in 2017, we were given his single with Nick Hardin, Pure. Even though three years old now the single was the anthem of the summer festival of the same name. Also, it was in a regular rotation on the Czech music station Dance Radio. As well as that, its music video was broadcasted by the most watched Czech music TV station Očko.

So, as TiGi says, put your hands up in the air for a DJ who shared the stage with the industry greats. We were able to see him standing next to Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, Timmy Trumpet, KSHMR, Vini Vici, Curbi, Sander van Doorn and many more. He earned his name by playing on many festivals. He was making people of Creamfields and Finlandia Machač, which gave him a spot among the greats.

Crazy Island Festival is very happy to be able to announce TiGi as a part of our lineup. Although the world is full of uncertanties now, you can be certain in one thing: You really want to hear TiGi play live, and so do we!

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Entering the madness: Mario Eddie

CIF Lineup 2020. - Mario Eddie

Never stopping, keep it going! Crazy Island Festival is proudly presenting Mario Eddie!

Mario Eddie is from North Macedonia, where he first started his DJ career back in 2010. We had the chance to see him collaborate with the greatest in the industry. He played as a warm-up DJ for many popular DJ’s. Roger Sanchez, R3hab, Justin Mylo and Romeo Blanco, just to name a few. And now, we have a great opportunity to bring this young man to Crazy Island Festival, where he will be firing you all up with his crazy beats.

His DJ career took him on a label path. We heard about him from the likes of The Realm Label, Groovack Music, Canaan Digital Records, CODEEP and, finally, he was able to sign a deal with Hot Fingers Records. Being able to listen to his interpretations comes as a great gift. Because of that, we can’t wait for him to showcase his talent to you all on our Crazy stage. Get ready to party hard, Mario Eddie ensures you will.

We particularly like his seamless transitions in his mixes. Hopefully, that will keep you moving throughout, never giving you a chance to take a break. His experience on the international stage, having performed all over North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo is sure to play a great part in his performance on Crazy Island Festival.

Crazy Island Festival is very happy to have Mario Eddie join our crazy 2020 lineup. We know his great performances will transition and play straight towards your emotions when he steps on the Crazy stage.

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